End to end Digital Processes

Be able to send, receive and consume information at web speed.
Provide your customer with a complete digital experience by connecting all stages of a process from start to finish.

University enrollment, bank financing, purchase approval or even a contract between the parties, let your customers free themselves from exhaustive and manual processes using PortalFlex®.

Automate Quickly

Design, model and automate your company's process flows without the need for programming.

PortalFlex® is able to connect with any management system quickly integrating processes, signatures and documents within your company.

Approval of Documents and Processes

PortalFlex® uses BPM 2.0 notation making it possible to draw flows that involve any type of Approval.

It may be a manager requesting approval from the Director for a purchase, or the validation of a document by the responsible area or another existing flow in the company.

Eliminate disconnected email exchanges with lost or missing documents adopting a standardized flow with well-defined deadlines and actions established and record the actions of each person.

Process Focus

More efficient and objective approach, different from other tools, PortalFlex® software focuses on Processes, not on activities.

This allows you to more accurately manage which step a certain process has been found, identifying points where delays occur, eliminating the bureaucracy and slowness.

Processes separated by Sectors, Areas or Units

Allow all company processes to be segmented by Sectors, Areas or even Units such as Branch and Headquarters.

For isntance, an employee who works at Branch
Bank Agency --> Financial Sector only view the processes in his area.

You can integrate in the same workplace different areas of the company, including offices in other cities, countries or even business groups.

Service Categories and customizable Roles

Defines the existing Service Categories such as: Orders Purchase, Travel Refund or other flow. Tell people who will part of WorkFlow defining their roles and assignments (Manager, Director, Commercial Department, Legal Department, Supplier or Client).

You can go further and sector services by Departments, Areas or Units. Purchase Orders can only be placed by the Department Head Office, unlike the Branch that only serves the Juridical Processes.

Automated JOBS

Wouldn't it be great to wake up every day and have breakfast ready? JOBS Automated does more or less that for you.

Every day or at a specified time, a process or activity can be started or ended automatically.

It could be that report that needs to be created and approved every 30th of each month, it can be that invoice that needs to be processed and sent automatically to the customer, or even a purchase approval that is waiting for a response within 3 days.