Customer Onboarding

Save money and at the same time provide your customer with a unique and pleasant experience during your service, allowing all documents and forms to be completed and signed directly on your cell phone.

How it works?

During customer service, instead of the attendant printing the documents and forms necessary, they are sent to the customer via WhatsApp or SMS so that he can fill in and sign directly on your cell phone. You can even use a tablet connected to the service if the customer does not have a cell phone.

1. Attendant sends documents to the customer from his own management system

2. Customer receives documents and forms in his WhatsApp or SMS, fills and signs

3. Documents automatically return to your management system

Dematerialization of Documents in 3 steps

Put an End to Document Printing

Eliminate Printing and still speed up service.

Eliminate unnecessary document materialization and automate administrative tasks, such as filling out forms and organizing records, reducing costs and time service.

Reduce paper usage while still ensuring instant access to records by allowing access to relevant information at any time.

Eliminate Scanning Rework and Reduce Document Management Spend

Put an end to the rework of digitizing physical documents, as all documents and forms are already sent in digital format.

Reduce expenses and procedures with manual document management, reducing the incidence of errors, ensuring the preservation and management of data and increasing your administrative efficiency.

Fast Return on Investiment (ROI)

Ensure a quick payback by reducing printing costs (paper and toner), costs of physical documents storage, expenses with personnel and document management.

  • Reduce Paper Usage
  • Instant Access to Records
  • Data Preservation and Security
  • Easy Communication
  • Error Reduction
  • Administrative Efficiency
  • Mobility and Flexibility in Information Access
  • Compliance with Rules and Regulations


Digitization eliminates the need for manual transcriptions, reducing typing and interpretation errors, contributing to more accurate and flawless communication, supported by legal validity and compliance with technical and regulatory standards.

Legal Validity

All documents and forms use electronic signatures and digital certificates, thus guaranteeing the Authenticity, Integrity, Reliability and Non-repudiation, providing the legal validity of the document.

Compliance with Rules and Regulations

Allow adherence to privacy regulations, by ensuring adequate control and monitoring of access to personal information.

Integrate with your system in minutes

A simple call to our API

Through a simple request in our API, your system will send the documents and forms so your customer can fill it out and sign it via WhatsApp or SMS.

At the end, the documents are sent back to your system, thus avoiding the materialization and printing.