Welcome to the Paperless world

PortalFlex® is a robust and intelligent solution that prefers simplicity and applies technology in favor of reducing the bureaucracy of processes in a safe way and efficient.

Document Dematerialization

Convert physical documents to PDF. Ensure digital custody and destination of documents correctly obeying temporality tables. Use the PDF/A standard for long archiving and meets government requirements.

Share a variety of documents such as Word, Excel or PowerPoint as you progress a process. Allow the conversion to digital documents to other formats such as PDF, using PortalFlex® automatic conversion.

Electronic Forms

Build electronic forms enabling the capture of the most varied types of data.

Allow your employee, customer or partner to have a positive experience by sending information you need. Be a Price Quotation Process with a Supplier or a School Enrollment requiring the completion of several fields, attachments, information or even signatures.

Automatic capture of documents from other systems

PortalFlex® is able to capture any document generated from another system without the need for integration with the legacy system, providing access to data regardless of the platform or operating system used.

Development and integration costs can be substantially reduced using transparent integration made available on PortalFlex®.

Mobile Devices

How about asking your Supplier, Business Partner or Customer to sign that document that do you need using only the cell phone?

With a responsive interface, PortalFlex® adapts to the most different mobile devices the market, allowing you to perform the same activities from a desktop directly on your tablet or smartphone.


PortalFlex® is developed in a secure environment under the Cloud Computing platform and is provided as dedicated SaaS and uses the security of Unix systems at its foundation.

Protected, Safe and Authenticated Documents

All information trafficked in PortalFlex is protected through certified data and channels and encrypted ensuring data security and integrity.

Requirements and approvals international standards translate into stability guaranteeing the quality of our applications.

Documents on PortalFlex® can be protected against tampering and fraud by ensuring its integrity. Some additional elements can be applied to documents such as, Logotype, Watermark, Hash, Password protection, Print Restriction, QR Code, Bar Code, Electronic Hand Signature.

Audit Trail

A complete audit trail is present in all actions performed on PortalFlex® allowing full traceability of a process.

In addition, documents may contain a QR CODE responsible for displaying a statement of audit related to the signatures made in it, as well as display some elements of security for checking the file's authenticity.

Integration with other systems

Integrate data, actions and functions between your system and PortalFlex® and vice versa quickly and in a staggered way. Consume services and expand the possibilities and benefits of automation.

Micro Services

PortalFlex® was built under a micro service architecture.

Micro Services is an architectural and organizational approach to the development of software in which the software consists of small independent services that communicate using well-defined APIs. Microservice architectures facilitate scalability and speed up development, enabling innovation and speeding up the time for introducing new features.

Therefore, all PortalFlex® features can be widely accessed, consumed or integrated by external applications , provided they have the necessary permissions and access credentials.


Consume the features and services of PortalFlex®, quickly integrating applications external via our REST API.

For example: from your ERP system you could finish a new customer registration automatically trigger a new Order Request Process on PortalFlex® Customer Documentation. You can integrate activities or data queries between PortalFlex and your legacy system as you can also end activities on PortalFlex.

It could even make a “Sign Document” button available in your software, using the features of the PortalFlex® to perform digital and electronic signatures.

The possibilities are endless.